Tacky Tiaras and Teenage Tardiness

Now this was a fitting job for a teenager.

We must have been about 14 when my best friend’s, school friend’s, dad (yes all teenage connections are that convoluted; you know this) asked us to work for him in a warehouse. Now my best friend has a near photographic memory and would therefor be a far better person to tell this story, but as far as I remember we had to arrive in this non descript warehouse round the back of Brick Lane, I’m sure it wasn’t Brick Lane but for arguments sake lets say it was. We were told to count and bundle tacky tiaras and bracelets into packets of 20 units then pack these into boxs, basically all the job involved was counting. Not difficult, I hear you cry; unless you are three 14 year old girls and you’re alone in a room with your best friends and a radio, then counting becomes very hard indeed while you try and intersperse the actual counting with endless chatter about boys and bands and what to have for lunch not to mention the odd sing song.

One thing my best friend and I and I have always been good at is talking, when we were very little it was bickering and talking, non stop chatter whether in the back of the car on holiday, sat in our rooms, on the phone wherever (the phone in the hallway of course, we didn’t call it a landline then kids it was just ‘the phone’). There was never a pause for breath, which in retrospect must have been exhausting to the adults charged with our care. This endless chatter is a skill we have managed to hold onto for 20 years now and means there’s never been and probably never will be an awkward silence. I don’t think a single one of those boxes ended up with the right amount of items in it, only now that i’ve worked in numerous retail outlets unpacking and stock taking those fiddley, little, trinkets for myself, do I know how bloody annoying and time consuming it is when they’re all packed wrong!

I couldn’t be too pissed off though, it might have be the fault of three giggling teenagers, bored out of their tiny, gossipy minds and who in the world could begrudge them that?!


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