Pee Ah, Pee Ah, Pee Ah Dahhhhlings…

Still on the early days here… It’s been a long old journey, only 14 years til we get to the afore mentioned escaped Chilean rats!

So who would have ever thought that my GCSE work experience would be one of my biggest missed opportunities career wise? Somehow my mum set me up with 2 weeks in a PR company, I can’t remember what they were called, but now that I’m older I’ve realised it was proper Cosmopolitan-magazine-dream-work-land! One of my jobs was to work out a slogan for a Bailys promotion that linked in with Sex and The City. Nowadays that seems like the perfect job for me but I hated it; I wanted to be Courtney Love not Sarah Jessica Parker!

I hated the office environment and wrote moody poems about the constant drone of the whirring computers turning everyone into automatons. This attitude stayed with me for years and years and I did everything I possibly could to stay out of, my perceived view, of the stale and stuffy atmosphere of an office and succeeded, it did however mean that in the lull after uni while everyone was getting higher and higher paid computer based work, I was stuck in retail with a chip on my shoulder about people who work in offices. I think I still have that mentality really but I’m a little more prepared to suck it up for cold hard cash these days but now no one will hire me because I don’t have enough experience thus proving carrying a chip through your working career only ever leads to starchy shoulders!

Still when I remember that place it makes me think of Devil Wears Prada swankiness crossed with Nathan Barley trendiness, of course none of those things existed then. Oh how different my life could have been if I’d given it a chance. They did have a screening room though which was very cool, in fact in retrospect I’d quite like to slap 15 year old me for not lapping it up. I’m sure I did well though, I was too much of a swot to be a proper rebel and was probably quite useful in the week and half I was there, I think I may not have gone back for the last few days, which turned out to be quite a routine throughout my working career; abruptly leaving jobs I hated became something of my forte…


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